frank-mcdade_0037Creative + Digital Professional. Cat Hoarder. DIY Junky. Improv Doer. Modern Gypsy.

  • I embrace being a part of generation-Y and live my life through as many creative and technological outlets as possible.
  • Likewise, I could do without all of this technology in a second. It’s either all or nothing.
  • As an infant, there was nothing they could do to tame my hair.
  • I’ve seen a UFO at the Kane Road Drive-in.
  • I’ve seen a ghost in my old bedroom, levitating above my brother. I verified that I was awake, freaked out and then hid.
  • I keep a journal. Online and hard copy.
  • I’m huge on conspiracy theories.
  • I used to have a forum set up on my website in high school. If somebody left a comment (which was once in a blue moon) I would send unformatted e-mails to them that were meant to resemble an automatic response.
  • My childhood is summed up in my head as Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” and a bunch of grass hoppers in one of those clear bug containers with the ventilated top.
  • I have stolen over 300 salt shakers.
  • I used to throw crazy Halloween parties. Alcohol free, too.
  • I got horrible grades until 11th grade. I once had a teacher in middle school ask me why I wasn’t as smart as my older brother. #fail
  • I have a weird phobia of taking my shirt off in public and don’t like when people are “touchy”.
  • My personal cat’s names have been Spookums, Snowball, Carmel, Muzby and the latest Mister Fezziwig, Lord Chesterfield and Bubsy.
  • I’ve been doing improv for over 5 years. Not necessarily good improv.  But improv none-the-less.
  • Redoing furniture and painting gnomes are two past times I don’t do enough of.
  • My favorite movie is Big Fish. Big guy in a little pond that tells his life story in a way that makes him immortal.
  • I have a folder on my computer full of artistic photos of my favorite actors and actresses.
  • In 7th grade, I won a graphic design contest on My prize was a box of plush toys manufactured by unknown brands. A huge score in my book.
  • I used to always paint my Aunt’s pictures for her using these industrial paint markers that had black casings. One time I found a mysterious orange paint marker with a white casing, smelled it and puked instantly.
  • I used to change the design of my website ( monthly to avoid social interactions.
  • I was obsessed with Garfield, Power Rangers, Beanie Babies, Star Wars, Lost in Space and plastic animals specifically purchased from the zoo.
  • Furthermore, I still have all of the original packaging for my Power Rangers.
  • I love hiking.
  • My favorite games are Donkey Kong Country 1-3 and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for SNES.
  • My first concert and CD was by The Beach Boys.
  • I like decoupaging things with fabric and old advertisements.
  • I like exploring old and abandoned places.
  • I would spend hours staring at STYX Paradise CD cover.
  • I was my high school’s drum major and I’m still proud to say it.
  • The first theater performance I saw was my high school’s production of “Guys and Dolls” and I’ve been hooked ever since.
  • mjknarf is “Frank J M” backwards. A teacher of mine called me “knarf” once and it stuck with me.
  • My ancestry includes a group of bohemian gypsy’s who lost their circus when crossing a lake.
  • I remember being really excited when I discovered that I could play my mixed tapes back through my computer and capture the songs individually through the WAVE player. My first cd mixes were top quality.
  • Nickelodeon Studios still inspires me to this day even though it is no longer there.
  • Our assistant principal in high school once told me to P4 every situation and it has stuck since. Proper Planning Prevents Problems!
  • One day it may be proven that I’m clinically insane.
  • I periodically receive crazy messages from depressed people I have met throughout the duration of my life. It’s a bit alarming.
  • I lost 30 Twitter followers after posting the SNL “Kissing Family” sketch.
  • My friends and I used to write outlandish things like “Rat Woman the Musical.” The driving factor for our stories were when people would make a rude comment to us.
  • I love driving aimlessly for relaxation.
  • I’m still best friends with my teenage friends.
  • You got a friend in me.

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