Building Connections In Your Community Should Be On Top of Your Marketing Tactics

The community surrounding your business exists in the real world as well as online. Duh, right? I think too often we get caught up in what we’re doing online that real life connections fall to the wayside. The following is a list of tactics you can start using today to improve your local presence and to build one-on-one connections that doesn’t involve you having to dress as a clown for kids birthday parties.
  1. Form a small business committee with fellow local business owners to discuss ways to work together to draw in customers and more businesses
  2. Create educational and entertaining content that can be distributed online, to local organizations, and in-store
  3. Host an event that caters to the demographic of local schools, assisted living facilities, etc.
  4. Create special coupons/offers for individuals attending events around your store
  5. Get to know local business owners and see if there’s an opportunity to cross-promote
  6. Partner with a local organization and generate press releases about the partnership
  7. Build relationships with local influential people who can help you meet others and get your name and business out there
  8. Donate product/volunteer services to local organizations’ benefits and fundraisers
  9. Hold free workshops that introduce people to your business then create paid classes for people who want to learn more
  10. Run ads in local community and school art and sports programs
  11. Participate in local parades
  12. Make use of seasonal and timely events such as holidays and absurd observances such as “ice cream day”